Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What type of organization are you?
Answer: We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit AAU Basketball Organization located in Northwest Arkansas. However, our teams do play in other tournaments outside of AAU.

Question: What is your Tax Identification Number?
Answer: We do business as Arkansas Blazers Athletics but our TIN is 76-0752173 and under Arkansas Blazers Basketball.
Question: Will my child's minutes be guaranteed?
Minutes are not guaranteed. All minutes are earned and all of our coaches have the final say on how they will be distributed each game. 

Question: Do you have paid staff?
Answer:  Not currently but soon may change. Most of all of our volunteer staff/coaches have full-time jobs in addition to their volunteering efforts. Please be respectful when dealing with them as volunteers are hard to find and our organization would not exist without them. If you experience any problems with any of our coaches, please send all complaints to immediately


Question: What is my financial obligation?
Answer: You will be required to pay a mandatory non-refundable registration fee. These funds will be used for your child's team only. Your funds will be used to cover tournament entry fees, gym rentals, uniforms, practice equipment, and any other administrative costs your coach deems necessary for coaching your child's team. Due to schedule and age differences, the actual amount varies for each team. Please see your coach for your required registration fee amount.

Question: What do you do with surplus money from sponsors and parents?
Answer: We want to show all our sponsors and parents that we're good stewards of resources we're blessed with. Each coach practices a great deal of frugality and will be challenged to make sure that all funds received last an entire season. We also know that sponsorship is difficult to come by, so we keep reserve funds on hand to help cover future administrative and team costs. 


Question: What type of experience should a player have before trying out for an AAU Club Team?
Answer: Players can have wide variety of basketball experience. It is important to remember that AAU teams are more competitive than most high school, middle school, UPWARD, and Local recreational teams

Question: My child plays another sport (baseball, softball, soccer etc.). Would they still be eligible to play AAU Basketball?
Answer: During each Spring AAU season, we ask that our program be your child's top athletic priority. Our AAU program is much more competitive than recreational and local travel teams because it involves children from various communities playing on the same team which results in having a better talent pool. Recreational leagues will consist of teams from one town or school/grade that register together to play teams from other towns. Additionally, AAU is a bigger time commitment due to practices during the week and tournaments on the weekends. It is also important to keep in mind that players who are unable to attend practice will miss out on understanding what was covered during practice (ex: a particular play). In turn, this could effect playing time.

Question: How far do you travel?   
Answer: You will have to discuss this with your child's coach. Typical travel is usually within a 3-hour radius but our older teams have been known to travel further. Please see your child's coach for a detailed schedule.

Question: Will my child's minutes be guaranteed?
Minutes are not guaranteed. All minutes are earned and all of our coaches have the final say on how they will be distributed each game.

Question: Do you offer player sponsorship?
If you require financial assistance, please request a sponsorship application form from your child's coach. Due to limited funding, not every eligible child will receive financial assistance.

Question: Will we get to keep our uniforms?
Answer: No, all uniforms will belong to our organization. Each parent will be required to fill out a form releasing us from liability and promising you will return your uniform.

Question: How long does your season last?
Answer: Our teams usually start their season in March and finish up by the first week of August. Please see your coach for specific schedules, as they will vary in length.

Question: Can my child be cut from their team?
Answer: Yes, please see your coach for details.